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Default Article: LA Times - Suns are burning out right before our eyes

Source: Suns are burning out right before our eyes


From Phoenix Talk about being great hosts.

With West teammates Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant staging the expected pre-All-Star love fest Friday, the hometown Suns threw themselves into the breach, imploding, as if on cue.

With the Suns reportedly on the verge of firing Coach Terry Porter, trading Amare Stoudemire, or both, Stoudemire and Shaq suggested it's all true.

It was like the 2004 game in Los Angeles, on the heels of the Lakers' announcement about cutting off extension talks with Phil Jackson and Bryant's I-don't-care reaction, giving everyone a chance to be Lakers Writers for a Day.

The Suns are a disappointment, if only to themselves. Everyone else wrote them off after last season's trade for O'Neal, who fit into their wide-open offense as well as he figured to.

Now, in a shocker, Suns owner Bob Sarver, who pushed to get O'Neal, looks intent on breaking up his team, not by trading Shaq, who will be 37 in about three weeks, or Steve Nash, 35, but Stoudemire, who's 26.

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