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Default Re: Hornets to Seattle?

Originally Posted by tedloc
firstly the team was bought under false pre-tenses...
gutted so that it would lose as much money as possible...
soley for the purpose of relocation....

There was a side letter signed and made public the day the PBC bought the team that said the team would move if a taxpayer subsidized arena wasn't agreed to within one year. There was nothing false about the pretenses...

The Sonics lost money every year for the last decade that they were in Seattle including the year they made the playoffs...

Monday, May 15, 2006


It's a race the Sonics are losing, at least according to numbers disclosed by the team. (Pro teams closely guard their finances even when asking the public to spend millions.) In 2004-05, the team had the sixth-best record in the NBA and a payroll below the league average. The result?

"We still were nowhere close to breaking even," said Sonics President Wally Walker.

Outmoded from the start

When it was built, the Key was bigger than the 14,500-seat Seattle Center Coliseum it replaced. But when it opened in 1995, it was already "behind" by NBA definitions.

Built for $104 million and designed to accommodate 17,000 seats, it had a smaller capacity than other arenas being built at the time: The $260 million Rose Garden in Portland, privately financed by Allen, could seat 21,300, and General Motors Place in Vancouver, B.C. (Grizzlies), could seat 20,000. KeyArena ranked 20th out of 27 NBA arenas, and had 3,000 fewer seats than the NBA average at that time.

According to the mayor's task force on KeyArena, the facility ranks 17th out of 18 NBA-only arenas in both the potential maximum money the stadium can make and the actual revenue it earns from premium seating, such as courtside seats and luxury boxes.

Originally Posted by tedloc
it is hypocritical for sonics fans wanting to steal someone elses team...

it really is too bad clay couldn't of waited and just bought the hornets
instead of messing up all the history and divisions that were in place.

The Hornets are New Orleans team and why would they want to move to Seattle? Their attendance this year is better than the Sonics was, even during the 04/05 playoff year.

The Sonics went broke in Seattle. They could no longer afford to keep playing there. There only choice was to move to have any chance of breaking even. The citizens of Seattle were perfectly content to let the owners lose money rather than pass a miniscule tax that has virtually no effect on anyones every day life that would have allowed the team to be financially viable.

Seattle doesn't deserve another team.
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