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Default Re: Lebron a Net? Is this not even a discussion anymore?

Originally Posted by gigantes
a lot of it slipped away when the brooklyn move encountered yet another wave of setbacks at some point, delaying its opening past 2010 and ensuring that we would still be in jersey cüm 2010.

also, with isiah thomas finally getting his ass kicked to the curb and the knicks regaining a load of basketball intelligence and financial reserve, NYC quickly became a hot destination for lejames.

later a wave of articles came out talking about how the supposed "huge 2010 superstar walkabout" was going to be a major disappointment because stern has designed the market for home teams to give FA stars the best salary, helping them stay put 85% of the time or so.

plus the cavs, if you haven't noticed, are a superb team and give lejames every reason to stay put... at least at this time. and if they could somehow dump big ben's bloated contract then i would not want to be in the celtics' shoes.

the fact is that every 3-4 months this whole story takes a new wrinkle.

hope that helps!

EDIT: ah, just as i post this i see MT beat me.
oh well, now you have two responses. :P
So well put. All these events lead us to right now. WE NEED ANOTHER WRINKLE!! It would kill me if he went to the Knicks. Alot will ride on Brooklyn.
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