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Default Re: Using Smith to rest LeBron more

Originally Posted by 1~Gibson~1
Actually i do. If you look at the gamethread i posted that we're STILL the no. 1 seed and they STILL have 1 more loss than us.

Yeah, that can't be googled.

because im the fukcing thread starter and i probably know more about b-ball than you.

You don't know jack sh*t and you flaunt your ignorance daily.

Originally Posted by Meticode
Stop being so angry. You have no bases whatsoever to say the things you say in trying to put people down. You're just angry and nothing else.

I told you both a long time ago, as long as you're going to continue to post stupid sh*t, I'm gonna continue to treat you like the retards that you are.

As long as you continue to be a worthless post whore, I'm gonna continue to treat you like the idiot you are.

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