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Default Andrea Bargnani - What's the deal?

Andrea Bargnani:

7-0, 250lbs. 21 years of age.

What does everyone think about Bargnani as a possible #1 pick? I like his game, but I'm still undecided on who I want to choose. Draft measurements have him taller and heavier then LaMarcus. He is obviously a PF and not a C, but are we so sure that LaMarcus will be effective at C? He is a decent rebounder and a decent shot blocker, but he is not amazing at either.

My question to all you Raptor fans is; "how to do you feel about a Bosh, Villa, Bargnani front court?" Is it really that less effective then a LA, CB, CV lineup? I can see a lot of problems on defense, but I also see the Raptors running teams right out of the building. Bosh is a decent rebounder, Villa is decent. They will probably net you 16-17 rebounds a game. I'm sure that Bargnani will get more rebounds than Hoffa or Pape.

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