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Default Re: Riddle me this, Nets fans...

great post. repped. and congrats.
Originally Posted by Rockbttm88
4. Why do Marv Albert and Mike Fratello still work together? These men clearly do not enjoy each other's company. The tension between them is palpable. They both seem to come to life when you put them on another network and stick Reggie Miller between them, but when left alone they're just two old men bickering over meaningless stats and other random nonsense. (and you cant tell me its humor theyre going for. if you think its funny listening to them, then you're probably due back at the nursing home right now).
i have to disagree. they're old friends who are their best when they're gently bantering with each other. doesn't keep me from learning a lot from fratello or appreciating the excitement in the game when albert turns it on.

to me, they're one of the two best crews along with collins and whoever he's working with. usually harlan.
btw, i do agree that miller is an excellent fit with albert and fratello.

6. Why does Devin Harris still chuck up 3-pointers within the first 5 seconds of the shot clock? Even if the Nets are winning, he still does it. He doesn't seem patient enough to wait for his teammates to catch up and insists on throwing up low-percentage outside shots, which almost always results in a blown possession. This is something he's been doing all season long (in pre-season too) and Lawrence Frank has had ample time to correct this. So were 75 games into the season now... why is this still going on?
i agree, it's really annoying.

now that we've all learned what a great scorer harris is, he really needs to work on his approach to the game IMO. his defense is terrible and mentally he's not in charge of his team's offense the way a good PG needs to be.
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