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Originally Posted by eliteballer
I like how you fail to mention that defense then was a HELL of a lot tougher than it is now. Late 90's-early 00's was maybe the toughest era ever to score in because of defense and the style of play used. Stack put up 21/4/5 on that 50 win team. No "decent starting SG" could have done that. I like how even though Stack played SG, he got almost as many assists as Arenas

Lol, what the hell are you talking about? In 2001-2002, the Eastern Conference was weak as hell, and as far as defenses go, guys like Kobe and T-Mac were putting up very efficient scoring numbers, Stack was probably the most inefficient guy in the league who scored as much.

Stack on a 50 win team-

21ppg on 17 shots, 4.5 apg, 3.9 rpg, 39% fg, 29% 3-pt, no All-Star game.

Please stop making Stack out to be better than he was. Jason Richardson could of done what he did. Most starting SGs could put up those numbers given the shot attempts, and damn near all of them would be more efficient. Rip Hamilton easily filled in his role and made them better.

When Stack put up 29.8ppg, he needed 24 shots to do it, it was one of the most inefficient high scoring seasons we've seen.
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