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Originally Posted by slevin6zer0
Sorry, misspoke. His disapproval rating is really high at this time in office at 28%, much higher than the average of president at this time in the White House (16%).

His plans are spending, and it is idiotic in this economic climate. Everyone did know the we were going to get worse before we got better, no denying that. But c'mon, all the bailouts and the stimulus package? Are you kidding me? ****ing ridiculous, and liberals like you can do nothing but defend **** like that so far by saying, "It's still early, give it time." All liberals want to do is spend, and with the economy the way it is, we can't afford it right now. Even when Clinton was President he leaned more towards the middle when it comes to the economy. The only positive thing he's done thus far is stop the raids on medicinal marijuana. **** Hussien Obama, it's all snowballing form here gentlemen.
I'm not going to partake in a political debate with someone who resorts to fear mongering in order to attempt to get a point across.

I will, however, address your statement about the stimulus package being a bad idea....

Until I hear a feasible alternative to the stimulus packages and the bailouts, I'll continue to trust those who have been elected to turn this thing around. I've heard a lot of p!ssing and moaning from conservatives, but I haven't heard much in the way of another possible solution. Every economist that I have seen interviewed on this matter seems to think that, while the stimulus packages and bailouts may seem unfair, it really is the best possible step at this point.

What would you have us do? Sit on our hands? The reason that the depression of the 1930s got so out of hand was that Hoover had the false belief that the market crash would work itself out and that the federal government shouldn't get involved. The result was a massive collapse of the US banking system.

The administrations (both Bush and Obama) have clearly studied this catastrophe and are determined not to make the same mistake. They have been proactive for a reason and it isn't because 'liberals love spending' or some other ridiculous talking point. No one likes to have to bailout the banks or the auto industry.

There is no certainty that Obama's solution will halt the market crash or even prevent a depression. The truth is, with deregulation allowing banks and businesses to run amok over the last 30 years, it may be too late to avoid further sinking of our economy.

What I am willing to do, however, is actually wait and see how Obama and Bush's stimulus and bailout packages effect the current state of the country before making a judgment on the policy. I suggest you do the same, because if our economy does continue to sink and a lot of conservatives continue to disparage the President without offering alternative ideas, we are all f#cked.

I'm not sure what all of this has to do with The Wire.
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