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Default MLB Illegal PED (anyone got a clue?)

This is my understanding. Just using an example...

You take legal PED and get results in a year
You take illegal PED and get results in 2-3 mons tops

Therefore I'll take illegal PED to get results much faster than the slow methodical way. Now the goal is pretty much the same. Could be get bigger, leaner whatever. Its just the time period it takes to recieve these results is cut dramatically. So they consider that part "cheating". Otherwise i could take the legal PED. t'll take longer but I'll get the same results regardless. Now I'm not a cheater but I'm legit because I didnt take a shortcut.

Am I wrong with this understanding? I'm trying to figure out all this illegal vs legal. What is illegal about these drugs being taken. What makes it illegal. Not just because they are on a list saying "illegal", "Banned". You follow?

If i want to get bigger and start taking creatine. And under MLB thats legal. It'll take me some time to get my results. If I take hctyJH200 and its illegal (banned substance) but I can get bigger faster than if i took creatine. Is the illegal part me cutting time it takes to get results or more to it? I'm trying to figure out if Arod is a cheater why isnt the guy who takes legal supplements to get the same results Arod did (only it took him longer) cool.

Make sense?

*Please note i have no clue to PED just going by my assumption here.
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