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Default Re: Rubio ok with OKC but not memphis?

Apparently, from what I've gathered from information, he doesn't want to go to a bad "franchise". The team in Memphis has a few major issues:

- They have a promising young guard with Conley who has won over the team and they are high on him. Rubio wouldn't come into the situation as a starter, and probably wouldn't be in a position to challenge him for the starting spot. I would anticipate the team trying to develop the 18 year old off the bench, and I don't think that's an ideal role from his viewpoint.

- Memphis isn't a good franchise. They are among the worst in attendance and fan support. They also are perennial losers who haven't won anything. They have some good developing talent, but that doesn't mean the team will suddenly become a winning franchise.

- Location. Tennessee isn't exactly the most attractive option for him.

The bottom line is that RR isn't going to pay millions of his own money to come to a mediocre team where he would be a backup in Tennessee when he can stay in Spain, keep his money, and run the team and be a star there.

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