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Default Re: Rubio ok with OKC but not memphis?

Originally Posted by el gringos
That part makes no sense- okc is the team with a franchise pg- westbrook is on a whole different level than conley- conley is a weak starting pg or an above average backup- westbrook is a future all star and the next triple double machine
I guess you didn't read. This isn't my opinion, this is what I've heard from sources on radio interviews and such (the team's announcer commentated on the situation and the indications he got from members of the franchise is that the staff is very happy with Conley and would like to move forward with him). The Grizz are happy with Conley and like him and the progress he made last season. Therefore, in all likelihood, they wouldn't replace a develop young PG who they like who has already played for the team for a 18 year old who has never played a single minute of NBA ball. Rubio would come off the bench.
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