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Default Portland Interested In Trading Up For Stephen Curry

Don't be surprised if the Portland Trail Blazers trade into the lottery, looking to acquire Davidson's Stephen Curry.

The way I hear it, the Blazers (currently picking 24th) are nosing around to trade up and have Curry in their sights. Enough teams are willing to deal down that this is a real possibility. And it would be great for Curry in this regard:

A long-time NBA scout told me months ago that the ideal situation for Curry is to play point guard on a team with a shooting guard who can also handle the ball. That would allow Curry to spot up some, and maximize the impact of his shooting.

The Blazers have just such a player in Brandon Roy. Strikes me as a great match of a player and a system.

[Black people joke]Portland is stackpiling the light skinned ****** on their team, I guess they're back in style.[/Black people joke]

I actually like this move for Portland if they can trade up to acquire him, he can play off the ball where he can be a threatening outside shooter.

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