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Originally Posted by XxNeXuSxX
Finley was definitely the heart and soul of that team. So Finley>Blackman at their primes.

I don't know. Black was a 4 time All-Star in the 80's west. (Magic, Clyde, Stockton) While Finley was a 2 time All-Star in the 2000's west (Kobe, Francis )

A better would be the Big Three of Dallas from the:

1980's (1983-1989)
PG - Dereck Harper
SG - Rolando Blackman (3 All-Star)
SF - Mark Aguirre (3 All-Star)
1990's (1994-1997)
PG - Jason Kidd (1 All-Star)
SG - Jim Jackson
SF - Jamal Mashburn
2000's (1998-2004)
PG - Steve Nash (2 All-Star)
SG - Michael Finley (2 All-Star)
SF - Dirk Nowitzki (3 All-Star)
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