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Default Re: ISH Mock Draft - #14 Overall -Phoenix Suns

I honestly have no idea what I would do if I were the Suns, but here is a dream scenario... I would probably start by calling Amare into my office and asking him what he wants to do b/c he's the future. Then I would tell him, "look we are going to suck next year but you'll put up 30-12 if you want to and I am going to clear a bunch of cap space to sign a big name for you to play with. All I need you to do is call some of your boys from Team USA and start telling them how awesome Pheonix is."

Then I'd probably try to trade JRich for a pick; maybe to Minnesota for the 18th and maybe even the 28th if they would throw it in (doubtful). That would leave the Suns with $10-15 mil in guarenteed salaries in 2010/2011 assuming Amare opts out. Will there ever be a better offseason to have that much cap space?! Re-sign Amare, bring in LBJ or D-Wade, etc etc... They'd also get another lotto pick next year b/c they can't make the playoffs in the west with the current squad; especially w/out Hill or JRich.

But for the 14th pick, I'd take Ty Lawson to run the warp speed offense, b/c he has the most experience with that kind of game of any PG in the draft.

Seriously, 2010/2011 roster:

Plus add this years 18th (Terrance Williams, James Johnson, Sam Young, Austin Daye, or BJ Mullens), a lotto pick next year, and more free agent fillers? Yes sir!

Someone get me Steve Kerr's #!
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