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Default Re: Call your team's pick

Originally Posted by Posterize246
Ed Stefanski has said his plans are to go with the best guard available. He didn't necessarily say point guard, but Andre Miller is not expected to resign and even if he does he'll need to be replaced soon. Royal Ivey also opted out of his contract the other day. So as of right now Lou Williams is our only "point guard" on the roster. Lawson, Teague, and Maynor are the main guys that have been brought in for workouts. Maynor and Teague got to workout with eachother. Right now it looks like Lawson, Maynor, then Teague, with Lawson/Maynor probably able to flip flop.

Flynn, Jennings, and Patty Mills haven't worked out for the team. Darren Collison did however, but he's very doubtful to be taken at 17.

I wouldn't be surprised much if Lawson goes before Maynor, but I'm just not sure Lawson can do anything but run'n'gun. I know that fits what Philly's doing right now, so I wouldn't question a Lawson pick at all, I just think Maynor is the safest PG prospect (including Rubio) in the class, he's Sam Cassell part deux to me, one of those kids that's going to end up being a great prospective coach once his playing days are over. Regardless of where he goes I'm going to be rooting for him.
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