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Default Re: ISH Mock Draft - #16 Overall - Chicago Bulls

The bulls most pressing needs are a PF 20 and 10 guy. SG- Tall 6'4- 6'7 that can defend and has a little scoring.

Tyler doesnt fit the Pf mold seeing he will be coming off the bench his whole career. He does not fair well against more athletic guys his height or taller or even longer than him.

Blair is just too short for the position and out of shape and will likely be coming off the bench as well for the majority of his career. I would take him later in the draft but not at 16.

Why the hell would we get Chase seeing he is a SF and we already have 3 cause Tyrus Thomas is not a PF no matter if they force him to play there.

Terrance williams is def the best option he can play 3 positions. Handles the ball and has good vision. He can drive and isnt afraid to hit a shot as well. He is a legit 6'5 without shoes and defends well. He can replace ben gordon for a much cheaper price although we will lose scoring we will gain in every other department.
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