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Default Re: How do you feel about the Wiz/Wolves trade?

I like the trade in that we got Mike Miller. Randy Foye isn't anything all that special (i.e. we could've gotten someone just as good in the draft as Randy Foye), in fact, we probably could've gotten someone better than Foye. Foye's poor shooting percentage scares me, but he will definitely be a serviceable backup. I'm sick and tired of seeing Javaris out there. He's a poor man's Rajon Rondo, he can't shoot, and he can't really defend.

And that brings me to the other part I like about this trade. We got rid of some of the garbage on this team. I feel bad for Etan Thomas and everything he has had to go through in terms of his health, but he has done nothing for us. He has butter fingers and can't catch the basketball, nor can he pass out of the post. Once he's committed to posting up, that's all he's focused on. Pecherov I'm not sad to see go. He had a great personality, but he frickin sucks. Darius Songaila was always a favorite of mine on the team. He's solid. He's not very quick, nor a great defender, but the dude knocks down jumpers on a consistent basis. No other big man on this team can do that, especially not Blatche.

So I think now, with a healthy team, we're going to be very solid. We have the potential to be a 50 win team, and be in the top half of the east. But it's going to be tough with the Cavs and Magic getting stronger. I do like our new lineup though, and we do have the most depth out of anyone. But to compete with the Cavs, Magic, and Celtics, we're going to need Gilbert return to his old form, and see major improvement from Javale Mcgee, Nick Young, and Andray Blatche. I could care less for Juan Dixon, Dominic Mcguire, and Crittenton.

The way I see it, the main rotation is:

PG: Arenas/Foye/James
SG: Miller/Young/Stevenson
SF: Butler/Stevenson/McGuire
PF: Jamison/Blatche/McGuire
C : Haywood/McGee

I would definitely like to see another solid big man brought in. Maybe dangle Mike James as an expiring contract to get another solid big man.
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