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Default Re: Q. Ross to Dallas

Originally Posted by brooks_thompson
By no means was he anything more than a competent offensive player, but he always seemed to make a positive impact on the floor last year, especially compared to Buckner and Jaric.

You guys think the Grizzlies will miss him? Or can Sam Young immediately help to fill the (admittedly small) void?

The Grizzlies bench is looking to be remarkably impotent on offense again, even if Gasol takes the bench role.

They can have his ass. Him, Buckner, and Jaric provided no offense off the bench because the couldn't shoot. Also, they were all 2's trying to ply the 3 and 1 positions as well.

Young and Carroll could easily backup the 2 and 3 positions well. Also, they have shown the ability to shoot the college 3 so they should be able to knock a shot down.

We need Warrick back to have a go to guy on the bench. Hopefully Thabeet and Carroll can be awesome defensively to cover Warrick.
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