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Default Re: Upcoming season and minutes for Vets

The payroll will end up about 90, not 100.
We're at about 82 once Artest signs, and I believe LO gets somewhere in the 7-8 range (unless Portland decides to make him a higher offer that the Lakers match). Brown has already been offered a qualifying offer, so if no one offers him more, he ends up with that (a little over 1 mil).
Then the Lakers are done.

That's a sizeable lux tax check Dr. Buss must write, somewhere in the 20 mil range. Reducing the payroll would be great, but highly difficult in this economic atmosphere. I don't think anyone would take on Sasha or Luke's deal. Morrison may have some value as the trade deadline approaches, since his deal expires. Shannon and Farmar will duke it out for back up PG minutes, and if Farmar looses that battle, the Lakers could package him with Morrison at the trade deadline, assuming we could pick up a player of value.

Of course, with Fish's deal expiring next year, the Lakers would prefer that Brown and Farmar play well, and perhaps the PG situation could be solved long term by keeping them both. It will be interesting to see how that plays out.
If Fish has a solid year, and feels he wants to keep playing, we could sign him to a one year deal as well, so lots of options there.

Artest is a player with a motor, so he will play big minutes, and I'm comfortable with the options we have to back him up (Luke, Stache or even Kobe sliding up to the 3 if Sasha could hit the side of a barn).

Pau, Bynum and LO splitting the PT at the 4 and 5, with Powell and Mbenga in reserve, plus, the aforementioned competition for guard minutes will be interesting.

You are right on about Bynum, we really need him to be a defensive/rebounding/shotblocking beast, more than a scorer in the post.
I hope now that he has his big contract, he will, like Kobe, Pau, LO and hopefully Artest, subjugate his individual game for the good of the team.

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