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Default Re: Lets just call it what it is shall we? L.A Fakers

Well for me.....

I am a huge sports fan and live and die with TWO teams. One of course it's the Lakers and the other (as most of you know if you been posting here the last what 10 years...) is the Raiders.'s kind of a balance for me. The Raiders have depressed me and the Lakers have given me reasons to watch and cheer every season.

2002 COULD of been the best sports year ever for me but then the Raiders blew it big time in the Super Bowl and it's been hell in Oakland ever since. Maybe it changes this year? Lakers winning the title will give my Raider good karma? At least make the playoffs and not be the joke of a franchise they are. Getting Heyward Bey over Crabtree who went to the freaking ghey a$$ Niners isn't a good start...hbope I'm wrong. But it's a balance and the Lakers make sports for me worth the while.
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