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Default OT: What's Going On?

I have a problem. This has been on my mind for awhile, and don't know if I am overreacting. I feel like I have been slighted and "screwed over". Here is what happened. Please tell me what I should do. and if I am overreacting.

Today, in my World History class, we took a test. I needed a pencil to take said test. The problem was, I didn't have one. I asked several of my classmates if they had one, and they said no. I then went up to my professor and asked him if he had a pencil I could borrow. He said no, and that hopefully someone else in the room had one. Eventually, I found a clasmate that had one. Here is what has made me mad: A few minutes later, a classmate of mine arrives in the room. She chats with my professor, but then tells my professor that she doesn't have a pencil and needs one. My professor than without hesitation at all, proceeds to pull a pencil out of his suitcase and gives it to her. I was shocked. He blatantly lied to me. I was so ashamed and I didn't confront him about it. What should I have done? Am I overreacting? If none of my classmates had an extra pencil, I could have failed the test, because my professor "didn't have one". If I am not overreacting, what should I do? I still can't get over it.
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