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Default Re: Why dont we become one of the 3rd Team in S&T?

That's what I can't figure out- the trade exemptions could be such valuble trade peices- it must be just cheapness not wanting to take anything back that keeps the nugs out of trades like that

Blows my mind how complete reckless spending was ok for years and now when there is actually a chance and a year of good prices that ownership won't make a run for it- do they not believe?

I guess it seems we were led to believe that this ownership could and would pay to try to win big- those other years the team wasn't ready and now they are?

We aren't so stupid to believe that 3 rounds of playoffs didn't make the nugs money- why aren't they spending it? Going cheap now it the worst timing possible- we could be fans of the best team in the world, instead we are fans of a second teir team- the te was meant for rasheed wallace
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