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Default Re: (Raptors) Carlos Delfino, Roko Ukic for Amir Johnson (Bucks)

Is this deal really happening?

If so, this is purely a financial move, I doubt we retain Amir after this contract, unless he really performs and is able to usurp Reggie Evans in the rotation. He certainly still has room to improve at only 22 years of age, if his offensive skill basketball IQ ever caught up to his size and athleticism we could keep him as a long-term backup. But realistically, he's gone after this season, and unfortunately this probably means Pops Mensah-Bonsu will have to find work elsewhere.

Don't care about losing Delfino although his chucking was pretty entertaining for one season, but Roko has some potential if he develops consistency. He hit vital late-game shots in wins vs Orlando and San Antonio last season, is like 6'4 and fast as **** with great handles and can run a team.

Honestly, Roko's like an ugly Ricky Rubio except without the playmaking instincts, which is more a comment on how overrated I consider Tricky Ricky to be rather than how good Roko is. Still, he is good, has the tools to be a long term NBA player, but will probably head back to Europe after this contract.

I also hope that the other piece is a pick, because I don't want anything else that Milwaukee will be selling.
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