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Default Re: How I Would Fix the Bucks

Like I said; Bogut is nothing special and if we get an opportunity to dump him we should take it. Having invested 60M in a guy with a bad back is beyond me, but we are talking about the Bucks, a team that had an chance to get it right by drafting a Brook Lopez, but for some reason chose Alexander. A team that traded one of it's greatest players in his prime (Ray Allen) for an "over-the-hill Payton. I'm amazed so many Buck fans think Bogut is something. Amare would be way more effective than a Bogut could ever be and to get him I would throw in other players except for Redd and Jennings. The rest of the team are all replaceable pieces. When a guy develops back problems he's as good as done as a player; look at TMac.
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