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Default Re: Are we better when TJ doesn't play?

Speaking of TJ, is it REALLY a given he picks up his $8.5mm option next year? All obvious reasons say yes, plenty of other FAs that the money would go to first, probably not getting that money on the open market anyway, wouldn't be likely to go to a team more suited for him, etc etc. But, and I'm unaware of the deadlines, I assume he'd have to decline first, but perhaps someone misses out on a target and he finds and opening or would prefer the stability of a nice long-term MLE deal if his role decreases.

Either way, it does nothing to help us in terms of FA money, we'd still be over the cap, but it would (probably) put us under the lux tax, meaning Earl is more than a one year rental maybe. I'm just pondering on it for the financial health of the franchise with the cap/tax decreasing, a lot of fans forget we aren't in great shape next year, at least right now.
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