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Default Offseason Ideas

Watching college ball always gets me excited for the draft and the offseason. We look really good this year but with a good offseason and draft I think we could become a legit contender next year and for years to come.

Ill keep updating this as the year goes on.

Sign Durant and Westbrook to contract extentions

Free Agents:


Dont re-sign:
Kevin Ollie: All washed up and I think Westbrook is past the point where he needs a veteran to show him the ropes.

Etan Thomas: There just isn't any room for him.

Tyson Chandler

We should have gotten Chandler from the hornets in 09 but better late than never Chandler comes to OKC. He would be the defensive presence at center that the Thunder have been looking for. Chandler could also be good for the pick and roll with Westbrook, a similar role to what he did with Chris Paul in New Orleans.

Raja Bell

Raja will be coming off a season ending wrist injury last season but I think he would be a great addition to the Thunder because he is such a great 3 point shooter. Bell would get some playing time coming off the bench as a shooter.

Draft (Using's order)

Round 1 (Pick #18)- James Anderson SG/SF

Anderson would have to play SF for OKC when Durant and Green are on the bench and would provide good scoring off the bench. I think he could have a rookie similar to Marcus Thorton, they seem very similar to me. Anderson needs to improve his defense to get minutes with the Thunder and has a good enough athletic ability to become a decent NBA defender.

Round 1 (Pick #21)- Hassan Whiteside C

Whiteside has really fallen on a lot of draft boards and hopefully he falls in the draft too because at #21 I think he would be a steal for the Thunder. Whiteside could develop behind Chandler who was a very similar player to Whiteside when he entered the league.

Round 1 (Pick #26)- Stanley Robinson SF

Even though I hate Uconn I was always liked Robinson. I love the energy this guy brings when he comes into the game. Robinson is really a great athlete and I think he has great potential to become one of the best defensive players in the league. If Robinson can work on his shooting I think he will become the type of player that fits right into coach Brooks' system.

Round 2 (Pick 48, from Portland): Nemanja Bjelica, PG/SG/SF, Serbia

This guy is so intriguing. He is a 6' 10" PG with excellent ball handling and passing skills. He also rebounds well. Here's his draftexpress profile, he is truly one of a kind.

Depth Chart:


Thats a team thats a year or two away from a championship and could even make it to the conference finals this year.


That would be such a ridiculously athletic line up to have in the game

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