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Default Re: Allen Iverson Retires

I'm not going to completely discount the possibility of him becoming a Celtic later on, if he starts feeling that his career is incomplete without a Championship and he just burns to play, etc., because Ainge has admitted that the Cs have considered him. However, he has shown that his most overwhelmingly powerful desire in the NBA is to be a starter, more so than money or winning (he could have probably got the whole MLE to a be a Contender's Sixth Man). Right now, for him to sign here, he'd have to accept backing up Rondo and Ray Allen, to players he probably thinks he's better than (and may be right in that assumption). I do not feel at all sure that he would remain calm and be the "good soldoer" even if he signed knowing that ahead of time, as he is one of those guys that just can't help themselves when it comes to things like wanting the ball, pt, etc. I would sign a guy like that in a heartbeat while he's at his peak, because he's everything he thinks he is, but when the athleticism declines without the ego shrinking accordingly, it's a problem. And Iverson isn't good enough to carry a great team anymore. He needs to start accepting a role and fitting in. He's never done that before. If the Cs do sign him in the future I'll probably feel the same way about him that I do about Sheed: He has some positives, but there are also negatives, and I just don't know whether or not the balance is worth it. In the end, I predict he won't be coming here, because the guard rotation and chemistry are good. Iverson, without a major personality adjustment, could screw that up.
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