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Default Re: Where's the UT/A&M Thread?

We really shouldve won that game. Too many stupid mistakes in the 3rd quarter.
-Jerrod Johnson overthrowing the ball STRAIGHT into the cornerbacks hand
-The crappy handoff to gray that resulted in a fumble
-the other crappy handoff to gray (or michael) that gave us a loss of yardage
-And the missed f*cking FG.

Add in two other dropped interceptions. Texas didn't look too good. I think they'll get beat in the National Championship if they make it through Nebraska.

Gotta love all the T-shirt t-sip fans talking shit as well.

Jerrod Johnson is the shit though. Too bad him and McCoy get NO LOVE whatsoever.

And real classless by Texas to yell "Texas Fight" while one of our players was injured.
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