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Default Re: Darren Collison & Marcus Thornton

^No sir.

These are the best rookies the Hornets have gotten in quite some time. It's refreshing to see a backup point guard that actually knows how to run an offense instead of the few chuckers that we've had in here. And he's quick enough to be able to stay in front of his man. Early on he was terrible at finishing at the rim but he's gotten a lot better in that area. Yeah, he still makes a few rookie mistakes but it's nice to see a younger guard that's not shot happy, shoot first pass later type of guard that Hornets fans are accustomed to seeing back up Paul. Most were not really point guards at all. They've had Devin Brown, Bobby Brown, Jannero Pargo, Antonio Daniels, Speedy Claxton. Paul has always had an older point guard backup. What I'd like to see though is Collison play off the bench the way he does as a starter because he doesn't always play all that well as a bench player but he's still better than anything the Hornets have ever had backing up CP3.

Marcus Thornton is fearless. I love his drive. The kid definitely looks like he wants to succeed in this league. When his shot is going it's such a thing of beauty. I love the way he's not afraid to take it to the rim as well to show he's not just a shooter but also a scorer.

Nice 2009 draft for the Hornets I'd say.
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