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Default Which is worse: Hulk Hogan in WCW or HHH since 2000?

During Hulk Hogan's WCW run think about this: he basically ran the company and rarely jobbed, It also seemed like if another star was gaining momentum, Hogan intentionally put himself to either battle or team with that superstar. This was one of many factors that probably killed WCW. However, Hogan's past was proven, we know how he helped build the industry along with Vince McMahon in the 1980's and drew some very large buyrates and television ratings on NBC. Then after his decade long run in the WWE, he went to WCW and it did become the #1 promotion for a while.

Fast Forward to now, You have HHH running the WWE more or less along with his father in law Vince McMahon. Every major storyline or comeback storyline that seems to be major relating to Raw has to have HHH in it. HHH has even won more titles now then Hogan did. Even with John Cena as champion now, its clearly obvious that Raw is booked more to favor HHH and DX compared to Cena. Its like the title has become of 2nd importance to the "Great comeback of DX" which in the history books will be looked at as a miserable failure.

Hulk Hogan, even when he was on top of the business, seemed to sell punishment better too. Sure he'd always come out on top when he was face after the SuperMan comeback, but atleast he'd sell til that occur. When Hogan was heel, he'd always cheat or find a cowardly way out of jobbing generally it seemed like.

HHH I have noticed the last few months, NEVER freaking even sells much in the tag matches with Michaels or Flair or whoever. He's always making the saves helping them out, or he's caught out of position if something bad happens, then helps make the save. When's the last time you remember seeing HHH get the crap beat out of him with no retaliation immedietely after?

When HHH's is a heel, it seems like its only a fluke if he loses, and HHH is of course the greatest wrestler ever. And he generally dominates 80% of the match.

You can tell which I think is worse now? What do you think?
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