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Default eragon...must be elvish for "crap"

just got done watching this horrible movie. i was about to walk out after a half hour, but i figured the battle scenes looked decent in the commercial...yeah, right.

for me, the most irritating part of the film is the editing. it's got to the worst i've seen in a while. it jumps from scene to scene, almost cutting off some dialogue at times. reminds me a bit of how attack of the clones was edited.
the story skips around the characters so u don't get a real feel for them either. it seems there's big gaping holes in the storyline. i'm not gonna ruin it for those who haven't and want to see it. even the special effects don't make up for anything. there is a scene that's right from star wars and there's another taken right from one of those lord of the rings flicks.

why are so many bad guys portrayed with bald actors?

so, what it boils down to, don't waste your $6 on this junk.
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