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Default Re: 37 different 2010 Mock Draft Projections.

Originally Posted by insidehoops
1) Mock drafts by from random fans
2) Mock drafts by professional reporters with legit sources

These two things are different and should be in separate categories

Because most of #1 is just copying what #2 tells them
It suprises me how few posters post anything that doesn't closely resemble the "expert" draft web sites
Why do you really have to wait for them to tll you that bj mullens isn't a top 5 pick, or that aldrich isn't- why are you waiting now for someone to finally tell you turner isn't a top 2-3 worthy pick?

We need more of the "experts" lists saved so that you can se just how far off they ar at any given time- then MAYBE there will be more original thought than people worried about defending these web sites lists
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