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Default Re: red dead redemption

Originally Posted by Al Thornton
i dont think so, but looks like there is so much to do it isnt necessary

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeak...why wouldnt they apply multiplayer? Ugh.

Wait actually you're incorrect. I just searched and there will be multiplayer, its just been hush on what it will be. April 5th they are supposed to reveal it.

Rockstar has announced that it will reveal multiplayer details for Red Dead Redemption during the week of April 5.

That’s the week after next, in case you were wondering or don’t own a calender.
“We believe this game sets a new benchmark for open world multiplayer gaming and are very excited to be talking about it properly,” said Rockstar, “[So] get your wild bunch ready”.
Whoopow range riders!
Also worth noting, is that PAX East attendees are getting hands-on time with the title at the Rockstar booth as we speak.
Lucky bastards.
The game is slated for release May 18 in the US and May 21 in the UK for PS3 and Xbox 360.
Check out the latest trailer here

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