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Originally Posted by Skywalker
Not really. Are swing men go as follows.

SG- Ricky Davis / Rashad Mccants
SF- Trenton Hassell / Justin Reed

that's good enough IMO we need some frontcourt help.

PF- Kevin Garnett / Mark Madsen
C- Mark Blount / Eddie Griffin

that's not very good. they should take Tyrus Thomas if he falls to them IMO, even though people are sayin he's gonna be a bust, it's worth the try. We could also possibly grab Shelden Williams or maybe Marcus Williams. My choice would be Marcus Williams.

Justin Reed is a free agent, i hope they resign him. I love his hustle. But Tyrus Thomas is a 3 year project. And he's short for his position even though he does have 9 foot wing span. Sheldon Williams is nothing more than another Reggie Evans and Marcus Williams is 3 years away from being great.

Adam Morrison good NOW! I agree we need a good big man next to KG, but there's nothing in this draft.
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