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Default Re: Round 1, Game 4, April 24: Phoenix Suns (2-1) @ Portland Trail Blazers (1-2)

Originally Posted by Faberg
lol @ Batum shoving Amare and Amare not doing anything. He must've assumed it was a teammate.

Batum shouldn't have reacted like that, especially at that moment in the game, but I understand what was going on in Batum's head at that moment. Over the last 2 games, Amare has taken every opportunity to give Batum's shoulder little unnecessary bumps (nothing outlandish, but enough to make you start thinking Amare is aware of what he is doing). Right before Batum pushed Amare, the point of Amare's elbow jabbed into Batum's hurt shoulder and Batum obviously didn't appreciate it. Was it intentional? I don't know. It was either accidental or a very well disguised intentional elbow. The only thing that makes me think (and probably made Batum think) it was intentional is the frequency at which Amare has been going at Batum's shoulder. Keep in mind I'm not trying to call out Amare or anything, I don't really blame him for trying to get under the skin of Blazers here and there if that is what he is doing, and as I said before, Batum shouldn't have reacted like that. It gave the Suns a freebie free throw, and lets Amare know he is under Batum's skin.
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