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Dolan's not the problem. Neither is isiah. He made the right moves it's just the players around him that don't see eye to eye. Marbury is a piece of selfish crap but i like him as a scorer and a passer. Notice how i said scorer first than passer. Because that is his mindset. Shoot Pass. We need a Pass Shoot type of PG. Marbury and Francis are both SG's in a PG's body. I don't understand why people always say this. Marbury is averaging 8 assists in his career and hes a scorer? If he scores all the time than how does he get the assists. Just cause Marbury plays the PG position doesn't mean that he's killing the team. Remember when we won like 6 games in a row in january. Marbury/Richardson/Lee/Frye/Curry. then LB changed the lineup and we starting losing again. It's not Marbury's fault. It's the chemistry.
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