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Default Al Jefferson to Houston?

Here's a scenario that I have been playing with in my head...

Its with Minnesota and Al Jefferson. Its known that minny is willing to part with him and al doesn't fit the minny offense. all i know is when healthy and in the right system this guy is a beast. post offense, post defense, rebounding, he can create his offense 15 feet and in. Morey might be able to do his magic...

Scenario 1:

Minny drafts Demarcus Cousinz making Al Jefferson expendable (this is all assuming minny is interested in cousinz by the way, which i have a gut feeling they would be...makes a lot of sense). Houston could jump at the trade and could possibly trade ariza and it would probably have to involve jordan hill and/or 1st round picks

would you guys do it?

Scenario 2:

Houston ends up with high in the lottery in the position to possibly draft demarcus cousinz or whatever minny is interested in, in which case a trade could go down.

keep cousins/or whatever player or trade for al?

Positive: Al Jefferson is a beast and I believe he is in the same caliber as that of an Amare or Bosh. As a matter of fact he can be a defensive anchor which amare and bosh are not capable of doing. He has enough offense to be mentioned in the same breath as that of bosh and amare. His contract is already set for the next 3-4 years which means its not a "max deal" situation. He can play power forward alongside Yao and he also gives us a security blanket at center because hey let's face it, we do not know Yao's future.

Negative: He was not so amazing last season averaged 17ppg and 9rpg, but playing in adelmans offense should bring him back to his 23ppg 11rpg 1.7bpg type performance (which he did in 08-09). If this trade goes down we may have to part ways with Jordan Hill and/or possibly rookies that could be players with the likes of demarcus cousinz... would it be worth it?

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