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Default Re: Official 2010 Draft Thread (8th Overall Selection)

LOS ANGELES -- The Los Angeles Clippers officially earned the No. 8 spot in the NBA draft lottery on Tuesday night.

They're also a lot more likely to keep the pick than they were about a month ago, before the NBA released its latest -- slightly higher -- projection on where the NBA salary cap will be set next season.

Team president Andy Roeser said the team might have had to trade its No. 1 draft selection this year had the salary cap dropped to between $50.4 million and $53.6 million, as initially forecast.

"It is worth noting, a couple months ago, as we were doing our projections on where we'd be in the draft, where we'd be in terms of cap space, we actually thought we'd have to move our No. 1 pick in order to have enough cap room to have a maximum spot [for free agency]," Roeser said.

"And that's when we were picking 10th. But now you look at it with the cap projected to go higher, now we're going to have enough cap room to sign the eighth player in the draft and still have a maximum slot for free agency."

As for who the team will pick at No. 8, both Roeser and Olshey said the team was focused on drafting for talent, not positional need.

"You get yourself in trouble when you reach for need at times," Olshey said. "The draft is about adding talent to your roster, not necessarily positional needs. I think that's what free agency is for.

"We've got nine open roster spots and whoever we add will be a quality guy who will start the building process of the 2010 roster. I think there's a lot more depth and versatility in this draft [than last year]."

Ramona Shelbourne of

Glad to hear we'll be picking off of talent and not need since the players that fill needs will either be taken before us, or will be a reach to get.
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