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Default Re: Madden 11 team ratings released

Dallas went down... ...most considered the Giants and Philly to be better last year

and the Saints went down after winning the SB...

these "last year's rankings" must be the rankings that they finished the year with, that you had to download to see...only way that some of those make we are just seeing the effects of the off season

CJ's speed in Madden 10 was a 99 (fastest possible) but he was not a great RB in the game because his trucking was so low, if he got touched he fell...

AD had 97 speed, which is pretty much the same as CJs, but his trucking was extremely high, sometimes he would just run over like 3 or defenders and score...

in Madden Ultimate Team, the Peterson card is used much more than CJ because of that, however just like in real life, Peterson's carrying level is very low, so he is very prone to fumbles...

you shouldn't look at it as "abusing speed" because that is what he does in real life...he abuses other teams with his speed...

I have found the game play in Madden 10 be exremely well balanced...maybe the best Madden has ever made
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