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Default Academic Appeals Procedure/Advice Needed

I got a letter saying I have failed to complete the Learning Support Math requirement in the allotted three terms and have, therefore, been placed on Learning Support Suspension. I can make an appeal to my college's Academic Appeals Committee for an additional attempt for that math class. I have to fill out an Academic Appeals form and mail it to the Registrar/Records Office.The Committee meets on January 3,2007.

On the form I have to fill out it says:

1. Are you currently enrolled in the exit class for this area?

2. Did you make IP during the previous of learning support in this area?

3. Have you reached your final attempt in only one learning support area?

It says, if I answered yes to all of the above questions, I will be granted an additional attempt at my learning support class. The answer is yes to all of the questions for me.

It says, if I answered no to question #2, I need to complete the form and return it, and schedule an appointment to be heard by the Academic Appeals Committee.

A letter of support from the instructor is strongly recommended. It says I must be present for my appeal and appeals won't be considered unless the student is present.

My question is, do I need to meet with the committee even though the answer is yes to all of the above questions? Do you only need to meet with the committee if the answer was no to question #2? Or, do I need to meet with them anyway?

Has anyone ever had to deal with the Academic Appeals Committee before? What was your experience like?
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