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Default Re: Big Ben is A-OK now.

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
That was his first accuser, not the most recent one. I haven't seen any pics of the latest girl, but I've heard that she is on the heavy side... As in, 5-foot-4, 160 pounds.

that would be a straight up "fat-ass"

I just don't undertand it, he has a entourage that follows him around and *tries* to cover up the mess he makes when he goes out, when all he has to do is get a high priced hooker to get what he is looking for, that would be 10x more attractive, AND DRAMA FREE! mess to clean need to worry about f*ckin RAPE for god's sake...

he wouldn't even have to pretend like he likes the woman...

just very bizarre to me that a rich athlete would even need to chase after sex like that from girls like that...just call an escourt...problem solved
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