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Default Re: Kurt Thomas / Amir Johnson

Originally Posted by mcgeorge
I think the Amir Johnson/ Sonny Weems give away was one huge blemish on Hammond's personnel moves (albeit overlooked and hidden nicely with Warrick/ Stackhouse). Those two guys can play and they hustle too, I'm still a little ticked we didn't keep them.

If a trade for Bass could be made I'd be intrigued but I have two concerns. 1. If he is available, I'd rather have Patrick Patterson. 2. I feel the Magic would want/LOVE Ilyasova and I just love the guy. His outside scoring potential with his hustle rebounding I don't mind seeing him get decent minutes.
Ilyasova - will and always be bench material , playing tweener minutes at PF and SF depending the matchups.
he is young , but his build will never allow him to play full time (starting) at PF. And unfortunately he is to slow to guard starting SF players, unless he allows out side jump shooters to take deep shots , while he guards any infringement into the paint.
I think he has a career with the Bucks , but if down the road the Bucks need a legit starter and need to pull the trigger - he is expendable.
** HE just can't start on any NBA team, because his weakness is glaring as a tweener. (I just can't see him ever putting on 20 pounds , to become his natural self as a PF) All the Bucks need to do is look at Orlando , and see how over priced they paid their go-tee man
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