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Default Re: Working Out For Basketball

Originally Posted by ABPrints
don't see a problem with keeping your weight down if the muscles you are using are twice as strong. If I take two items that weight different, and apply the same force to them, which will go further? The lightest, work on getting strong more than anything, the muscles will grow naturally.

However if you are banging in the post... who ever has the most weight to throw around will usually get where they want to go unless you are just a tree stump down there (which some people are for whatever reason). As long as you can hold your own down there, then yea what AB Prints said is right on the money... keep the weight down but the power high. At about 6', you probably will want to be right around 185 (for a fully grown male) or so with low body fat but legs and core as strong as a bull (add about 5-8 pounds per inch of height). This will allow you to be nimble, yet very powerful in short spaces. Basketball is about short bursts so you need to be as equipped as you can to operate well in them. What you need to be doing is getting in the gym this summer and getting your lifts and plyos in. This is the time to get your explosive athleticism up, and then when the season comes around you can work on your conditioning. You will probably gain about 15 pounds this summer if you get a good lifting program going.

A body type like Howard is good goal... but remember, he is huge, but he is only about 260 pounds. He is a physical freak, but he is not like Shaq (once in a lifetime freak) and can jump 36" with over 300 pounds on his frame... he is lean weight, and that's how you want to be.

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