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Default Re: (w)NBA Offseason Discussion

I thought this could serve as a thread to discuss the nba offseason acquisitions.

Heres my general take.

I like the amir johnson signing. Clearly its way too much money, but I still believe he will contribute. hell, he was there best post defender last season. Raps are a mess though.

Darko got bank! I do think he can play in the league and even start on a middling team. But why did they outbid themselves? his precious ego?

Bucks have made some solid moves, even though gooden is dumb as a box of rocks. I am looking forward to that team next season. Good to see John Hammond killing it IMO.

Supposedly BBWallace will re-up with the pistons. Sources have sources yada yada. If so, I am very happy. Dude makes us better just by being on the bench.

I am not impressed/concerned with either the knicks+amar'e or the new look heat. Good veteran roleplayers are not going to leave millions on the table to play at either team. I just dont see either of them being top teams next year. Bosh and Wade will never win a title together IMO.
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