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Default Samuel Dalembert to the Spurs ?

Well maybe fans. According to the new trade rumors section by Chad Ford, it was reported that the Spurs were one of the few teams that really wanted Sammy. However, Philly wanted no part of Nesterovich in a return deal. So, could this recent deal of Nesto be bihind a deal for Dalembert ? Well according to WIP in Philly, YES. It is said that the Spurs will offer the recently obtained Eric Williams, who is old, and only has one year on his deal, Michael Finely, and another player, possibly Bonner, who might then be sent BACK to Toronto in some way. Dalembert according to sources is very well liked by the Spurs coaching staff who like his Defense/shot-blocking ability, and Rebounding. They know that Nazr is gonna walk, and they really don't like Nazr after the fall-out that he and Pops had. So could this deal happen ? If it does, who replaces Finely ? What, a MLE signing ?

Just thought you guys would like to know :-)
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