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Default Lets Be Real

Originally Posted by brooklynchild155
no matter what people say about curry the man is ballin. he deserves to make the all-star team. now teams are double teamin him on a regular basis. there have been centers who made all-star teams who arent having the type of season curry is having now.

I personally dont believe he should be an all star.. so i would like to know out of curiousity name another center who made the ALL STAR team that only averaged 7 rebounds a game with NOOOOO blocks... The kid is averaging 18 lets not get carried away here its not like hes droppin over 22 with 9 or 10 rebounds.

The kid is talented WE GET IT but lets not jump on his nuts too quick here... We are below 500. he doesnt play defense and can't pass out of double teams and hes been a professional basketball player for more then half a decade...SORRY guys this isnt out savior. Ewing was 20 and 10 with 1 block again in his rookie season.... And so were all the other great bigs in the league for our generation all double double guys by the time they were 22. This kid is 24 and getting all the touches to be dominant and is giving us 18 and 7 with no interior defense..

And we compare him to the greats and assume he will be as good?? cmon now this kid is no all star...Go look up the greats and see what they were doing when they were 22(when they were all rookies in the league)...look at

David,Kareem,Wilt,Ewing,Shaq,Moses(who came out of high school), and the other greats who i dont remember on the top of my head. Eddy Curry is just as talented as these guys but the game is 70 percent mental. And he doesnt have it.

Mark my words GET RID OF MARBURY AND CURRY. And start david lee and a DEFENSIVE 5 we could possibly have 2 all stars in years to come Lee, Q(if healthy), or maybe even frye.

I was just like the next guy wishing Eddy was the one but that dream came an went looking at him on defense and his overall basketball IQ. This is a proven fact that you must be a student of the game b4 u master it. Everything was given to him and he let it all waste.

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