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Default Re: Dan Gilbert's open letter to Cavs fans

Originally Posted by bagelred
This is very bizarre.

As much as Gilbert and Cleveland are upset at the situation, Lebron is hardly the first free agent to leave a team. Lebron has to stay there his whole career because.....why?

I think he might regret that letter. Why isolate yourself from Lebron's eventual legacy? Ya know what I mean?

Seems unprofessional to me.

Yeah but the difference is, Bosh let Toronto know he is not coming back. Amar'e did not go on Larry King and say Phoenix has a good chance of retaining his services. LOL, and Boozer certainly did not bring his ego on national TV and dump Utah. And of course lets not forget Cleveland was his home. Its the way he did this to us. I am feeling Gilbert and so is Cleveland. What he has up his sleeve though, I have no idea.
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