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My Bucks did it during TJ's rookie year and made the playoffs led by a Michael Redd who isn't nearly as well rounded as he is today.

Thats not true. They did that because they were well coached and had a good team. Joe Smith was still a very solid PF who played good defense. Des Mason had a career year and was one of the top perimeter defenders, TJ Ford was one of the leagues best PGs(they fell apart once he was hurt), Redd wasnt chucking like he does now.

They were a solid team that got underrated at the start of the year which made their achievements seem greater at the end. They were the same as the Hornets this year. A team with the parts that needed a good PG to put it all together because there was no #1.

As for Seattle... Ray and Shard were hot, that helped. Ridnour was brilliant, ran the point like a grizzled vet. Evans played tough interior D and rebounded, Fortson, James and Potapenko gave them a big man rotation with some real toughness and aggressiveness to it(Basically did what Diop has done for Dallas this year). Daniels gave them something off the bench.

They got it together at the end, would have been better if they werent obsessed with playing Watson, doing what Memphis did with him. Watson is one of the more overrated PGs going around, he plays solid defense so everyone forgets that he gives you nothing at the other end. Once Wilcox gave them something inside and Petro and Swift started getting it, Ray got hot, Ridnour got them going and Lewis also did his thing they won some games. Last year though they just rode a hot streak and carried that out for the year.
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