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How do you feel about signing al harrington?
I really love the idea of playing an outside shooter with carmelo and nene up front- opening up space for carmelo and nene will make a huge impact
I would have loved for a taller younger version (bargnani, hawes, or even villenueva) but a shooter in the front court was my #1 hope(followed closely by a center sized player and a defensive pg)
I worry about the length of the deal and his milage, but overall I'm just thrilled for 1 that the nugs spent to improve and 2 that the frontcourt has a shooter
I would have tried to split the mle on randy foye and fesenko
Kmart for beidrins + radmonovic and this team has the best shot at a championship in franchise history- kmart + lawson + picks for bargnani + calderon and a dynasty is started
Anyone think the nugs should trade for jason smith (sorry I'm all excited today)
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