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Originally Posted by lovethetriangle
Nash deserved the first. Did not the second. Does this year but won't win.

Charles wasn't contradicting himself, if he says Dirk should've won because he had the record doesn't mean that he believes it dogma for the better record franchise player to win. It was just correspondent to Nowitzki and Nash.

As for Shaq, I guess Charles believed that Shaq absolutely proved his worth by transforming a subpar heat team into an elite squad in his first year with them. Also, Nash was 15 and 11 the first year he won it. Whatever anyone says, those aren't MVP numbers. So that can be a point.

But I do believe he deserved the first one. Just don't be questioning based on your love for Nash. Its the same way laker/kobe/dallas groupies behave. Zero objectivity.

Go Lakers.

How could Nash "not be deserving" of it last year? His numbers were GREAT for an NBA PG. Solid scoring. #1 Assist man. Easily one of the 5 best shooting gaurds in the league. Everyone predicted PHX to bust w/o Amare. Yet, Nash led PHX to the division title, #2 or #3 seed in the tough West, and took PHX to the Western Conference title.

Very few NBA PGs have had such a combination of stats and wins in a year.
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